Learn guitar on five minutes of practice, per day.

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Learn guitar from me, and you'll get an easy, undemanding hobby on just five minutes of practice, per day. Located in the heart of Austin, in 78745.


The Best Guitar Lessons, Period.

I dislike hyperbole, but I refuse to be modest: I think I'm one of the best guitar teachers in Austin simply because I care to make each student's experience amazing.

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How Five Minutes Of Practice Works

I ask students to practice small, powerful workflows on the guitar for five minutes a day in between lessons. When people practice these workflows, they learn quickly.

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I Love Helping Beginners

Since starting in 2006, I've specifically focused on helping beginners. My curriculum works so well that most students are surprised at how fast they learn their first song.

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Busy Professionals Love My Lessons

Most of my clients are busy professionals who work full-time. All of them are surprised when they figure out that the amount of time they need to practice is very small.

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All-Inclusive Learning

With me, you'll never have to buy a book. I've digitized all of my materials, and each student gets lifetime access to all of the songs, videos, workflows, and more.

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Who I Am

I am a musician, composer, and guitar teacher who has been teaching since 2006, and composing music my entire life. I recently finished my first film score.

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20 Five-Star Yelp Reviews In Austin, and Counting...


 "He is an amazing teacher with methods that appeal to the casual learner.  I don't find playing in front of him intimidating and he has this incredibly warm and supportive manner."

— Jenn C, Yelp.com

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