My Policies:

  1. Be consistent with practicing five minutes a day.
  2. Cancel more than 24 hours before your lesson starts.
  3. Use the appointment emails to cancel your lesson.
  4. Internet issues on your end are not refundable.
  5. Do not cancel by emailing, calling, or texting me. 
  6. Emergencies are always refunded. 
  7. No-Call-No-Shows are never refunded.


Be consistent with practice

Your life is far more important than taking guitar lessons, and yet, you need to be committed to practicing guitar to get better at it.

I very strongly believe that five minutes of practice each day is both reasonable and necessary to learn guitar. I will never ask you to put in more than five minutes of practice per day. If you don't have the time to practice consistently, I'll gently suggest that lessons are not a good idea for you.


Cancel more than 24 Hours before your lesson Starts

If your appointment is at 6:00 PM, you have until 6:00 PM the day before to cancel your lesson. No refunds if you miss your cancellation deadline. Sorry!


Cancel your lesson using the appointment emails

When you schedule your first lesson, will send you a confirmation email for your appointment. If you don’t receive this email, check your spam folder. It's important, so please locate it immediately. 

Each appointment email you’ll receive has a very important link in it, called a reschedule link. You must click the this link if you have to cancel.


Internet issues on your end are non-refundable

You need a great internet connection to make Skype guitar lessons work. If your internet goes down or is too slow for Skype lessons, I will not refund your money. You need 1.5 mbps up and down at the very least (go here to check) for this to work.

I repeat: Any internet issues on your end are non refundable. If my internet is out, I will completely refund your money, immediately.


Email and Phone policies

Use appointment emails to cancel or reschedule your lesson. 

You get one freebie if you decide to email/call/text me to cancel a lesson. After that, I will charge you for the lesson, even if you email/call/text me more than 24 hours in advance. 


Emergencies are always refunded

If you have an emergency, don’t worry about meEmail me later. All emergencies are automatically refunded.


Don't be a no-call-no-show

If I don't see you at our lesson time, I will assume that you have No-Call-No-Show'd. I will not refund the cost of this lesson unless you had an emergency.