“The School of Feedback Guitar is one of the best investments in myself I’ve ever made.”
— Matt J., Yelp.com

Happy Clients


Dave Wirth is an AMAZING (and patient, and knowledgeable, and fun) guitar teacher (and person). In our family, we've tried several instruments--guitar, violin, harp, drums, piano--and haven't found a better teacher than Dave! He is both low-key and inspiring, funny and sincere. I truly can't imagine a better guitar teacher than Dave Wirth!

— Kelly W, Thumbtack.com

The School of Feedback Guitar is one of the best investments in myself I've ever made. I went from having a guitar that collected dust to having a wonderful new skill. Not only can I jam out to some songs I learned in lessons, I can use the tools I learned in the lessons to grow in my ability. I would advise to not waste time learning guitar any other way and use The School of Feedback Guitar.

— Matt J, Thumbtack.com

I think the key ingredient to his success with students is his ability to understand what you want out of your guitar experience, and know where you need to start and at what pace to bring you along.  As your aspirations grow, he moves along with you.  He can teach you shortcuts and methods of learning that you didn't know you could do, and are only limited by your own motivation.

— Roger M, Yelp.com

Dave is legit. His style is 100% positive reinforcement. I'm on lesson two with him, and I'm hooked. He'll have you playing songs in no time, and every lesson is super fun. Good dude, and a great teacher. Highly recommended.

— Clinton R, Yelp.com


Ten years after utterly failing to learn guitar in a college course, I decided to try again. I read a lot of reviews, bios, and websites and finally contacted Dave for lessons. I cannot express how lucky I was to have made that choice. Upon my first lesson, it was immediately apparent that Dave is an exceptional teacher. Not only did he dispel any anxiety I had over learning an instrument, but he also truly made me believe that I could learn and that I would enjoy the process. He was right.

— Elizabeth, Thumbtack.com

Dave is wonderfully patient and encouraging, and employs a well thought-out, obviously successful approach to teaching guitar. Plus it's so important to note that Dave is a very talented guitarist, songwriter, and performer. He thoroughly DISproves the old adage, "Those who can't,...Teach."

— Teresa C, Yelp.com

I've been taking lessons with Dave going on 7 years now. We started with me knowing nothing about guitar to today where there are times when I'm playing something, I am truly astonished at my own skill level and how far I've come (but still so much to learn). This is in huge part thanks to Dave, and I'm only playing guitar as a hobby!

— Nelson S, Thumbtack.com

WOW! What a GREAT find!  Dave is an amazing teacher. He is unassuming and unintimidating and has the great gift of encouragement that makes you want to learn more.  His "just practice 5 minutes a day" regime is genius because the things he gives you to practice are so fun that the 5 minutes quickly turns into 10, then 20, then 30.....

— Debbie D, Yelp.com