War On War - Chord Photo Set

War On War - Chord Photo Set


Includes multiple full color, full-resolution photos presented in the order of occurrence in the song and at two different angles: Front facing and looking down at the chord.

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It’s almost crazy to think that Yankee Hotel Foxtrot was initially dropped by the record label that financed the recording. Good thing it was put out anyway. This song is one of many good ones on that record, and best of all, it’s a great song for learning the B Minor barre chord.

Includes chords presented in the same order as they appear in War On War for optimal learning and absorption. All chords are full-resolution, and you get to see the chords from two different views:

1. As if you were looking straight at a guitarist who is playing the chords for you.
2. As if you were playing the chords yourself and you're looking at your hands.