Beginners reach out for my help because...

  • they desire to learn guitar from scratch in a simple, pain-free way.
  • they want to learn guitar and play their favorite songs, either on their own or with friends at a campfire.
  • they want to learn guitar without having to learn music theory, scales, or reading notes on a music staff. 
  • they want to make guitar into a hobby, and don’t want to work with a teacher who forces them to perform.
  • they want to learn with a teacher who makes learning extremely fun.
  • they want to learn but not commute. They want quality education from the comfort of their own home.

The guidance and quality of service I provide is unparalleled.

I provide the guidance beginning guitarists desperately need in order to have a wonderful hobby of guitar for that lasts the rest of their lives. I do this through a combination of guitar lessons, online courses, and tons of free content online.

My students experience tremendous success and rave about my work because my approach is different than most other guitar teachers. How is my approach different?

  • My top concern is making sure that beginners are 100% able to play guitar on their own. Anything that gets in the way of a student enjoying the guitar is thrown out!
  • I make sure each and every lesson is customized to each client’s specific educational needs. I am flexible enough to modify what and how I am teaching to fit anyone’s learning style.
  • I never ask too much of a student, nor too little. I constantly am searching for the right amount of challenge per lesson.
  • I consistently assign practice exercises that can be done five minutes per day or less. Many students are relieved to hear that they don’t have to practice an hour a day!
  • I don’t require students to learn music theory of any sort, to perform, or to learn anything that keeps them away from playing guitar and enjoying it.
  • I make use of high resolution photographs to help beginners see chords in a high amount of detail.
  • I've created a ton of playalong videos to help you play each song you learn, with me.
  • I have created a library of songs that I’ve used to teach hundreds of beginners. I have play along videos, chord sheets, mp3 packs, and much more for each song that my students learn.
  • I follow up each email with all the links, videos, photos, and a five minute practice suggestion. Few other guitar teachers are as fastidious about making sure that you have everything you need to learn guitar.

What could you learn if you learned from me?



I've been teaching complete beginners how to strum a guitar since 2006. I've developed a nearly foolproof course that is complete with easy-to-understand sheet music (I'll show you everything you need to know), playalong videos, and crystal clear audio loops to play along with.

Once you've learned strumming, next comes your first song.


Your First Song

After you learn strumming, it's time to start learning songs. One of the biggest benefits of learning from me is that I can pick songs that are just right for your skill level. I have tons of songs that I teach complete beginners that can challenge them without frustrating them, and this includes plenty of one-chord songs.


More Chord and More Songs

Once you've learned your first song, it's only up from there. The idea is to choose a good song to play, one that you like and one that has just the right amount of challenge to it. In this way, you'll learn dozens of songs with only the basic chords.


New techniques and even More Songs

After you master basic chords, strumming, and playing along to songs, it's time to add more advanced guitar techniques and more interesting songs. Perhaps you are a fan of rock and roll? It's time to learn power chords. Like indie-rock? It's time to learn barre chords. Want to learn songs like Blackbird and Landslide? It's time to learn fingerpicking.

No matter the direction you want to go, I'll follow you and make sure your path is smooth and frustration free.