No Driving Required

Taking Skype guitar lessons online allows you to get all the benefits of taking in-person lessons without the commute. Forget about traffic jams, crappy drivers, or taking time away from the things that are most important to you.

Pajamas Are Optional

There's no need to dress up when you take guitar lessons on Skype. I'd prefer for you to be comfortable! Besides, I am far more focused on the quality of your guitar learning experience than what you're wearing.

Green And Conscious

Taking Skype guitar lessons means you'll directly cut the carbon emissions released from commuting to a lesson. Additionally, all of the materials you need are digitally provided, which means no trees are cut down. It's very sensible, and it's good karma for you.


Skyler T.

If you peruse my reviews you know I'm no BS: if something is good, I'll tell you. Dave is the truth; he's knowledgeable and skilled enough to satisfy the tight pant indie kids and the dark shredders of the world.