Learn Guitar on Five Minutes of Practice, Per Day.


Do you want to change your personal life to include guitar and music in a super-satisfying way? Do you want to learn guitar and just have a beautiful new hobby? Or, do you just want to get insanely good at it and best the competition around you?

I can help you get there.

Most teachers out there will utterly fail to understand why you're taking lessons in the first place. You want guitar to enrich your life, and they want you to practice an hour a day at the very least. You want a shortcut to learning guitar, they make you sift through their incredibly unclear teaching methods. You want to learn music you like, and they make you learn crap that you hate.

What a snore!

Working with me will be different because I know what you're after. I know this is a hobby for you. So, if we work together, I'll show you how to make guitar a beautiful hobby in your life with five minutes of practice per day at the very most. With very little effort on your part, I'll help you play awesome songs on the guitar. I'll help you transform your life into a vibrant world of sound, one where you play guitar just for fun, each day. Best of all, you'll get to learn in the most comfortable environment: your own home.

The School of Feedback Guitar is open for anyone who wants the ultimate shortcut to gaining this musical transformation. Are you ready to jump in? To become a guitarist? It's on, and I've got your back. The rest of this website will show you how...



Jenn C.

He's worth every penny.  Highly recommended.

He is an amazing teacher with methods that appeal to the casual learner.  I don't find playing in front of him intimidating (important bc I am super intimidated by musician-types) and he has this incredibly warm and supportive manner.