Guitar lessons at the most comfy place: Your couch.


The School of Feedback Guitar opened in 2006 with the exclusive focus on helping complete beginners learn guitar. I absolutely love working with people who have never played guitar a day in their lives but want to learn! I get to watch them grow and become happier, more musical people.

The people I worked with in Austin were often pressed for time (it's a tech city with lots of music festivals) but wanted guitar in their lives. They wanted a way that was easy, free of stress, and didn't take over their lives. Usually, after just one lesson, each person loved the lesson enough to move forward and keep on learning.

Just as many students are surprised about how much better it is to learn guitar remote via Skype guitar lessons with me. Not only do they get to learn guitar on five minutes of practice each day, but they get to do it without having to fight traffic, without that commute interrupting their lives.

With very little effort on your part, I'll help you do exactly what you want to with guitar. I'll listen to you, I'll figure out possible directions, I'll steer you clear from any pitfalls or bad habits, and best of all, you'll get to learn in the most comfortable environment of all: your own home.

The School of Feedback Guitar is open for anyone who wants to learn guitar. The rest of my site is set up for you to learn more about me, Skype lessons, and whether I am the best teacher for your needs. I am almost positive that I am!



Jenn C.

He's worth every penny.  Highly recommended.

He is an amazing teacher with methods that appeal to the casual learner.  I don't find playing in front of him intimidating (important bc I am super intimidated by musician-types) and he has this incredibly warm and supportive manner.