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Frequently Asked Questions About This App Toolkit

"What will I learn if I get this totally free toolkit?"

You'll learn all about the best software tools you can use to run your guitar school far more smoothly than the average guitar teacher:

    1. I'll show you the best app to remember everything. This particular tool will help you never forget anything about any student. You'll never be unprepared for any lesson, ever again.
    2. I'll show you the app I use to keep track of my musical ideas, outside of lessons.
    3. I'll share which app you can you to share your curriculum with any student, instantly.
    4. I'll show you the tool I use that saves me hours of typing each week.
    5. I'll show you the app I use to backup my entire computer without any extra thought or fussing.
    6. You'll discover the app that saves you hours of fruitlessly searching through your computer for the right file, application, and more.
    7. I'll share the most intuitive app that that you can use to launch specific combinations of other applications on your computer (handy for when you have a specific task that requires multiple apps to complete).
    8. You'll learn about the best website software, EVER. Seriously. It's the best of all of them.
    9. I'll share with you the most amazing online software that will instantly save you hours of frustrating email exchanges between you and students to schedule lessons.
    10. Learn about the BEST free tool for managing your money, automatically.


    "Doesn't the word 'Free' really stand for 'Cheap?'"

    Ha ha, really? Is that the best argument you have?!?

    Honestly, this PDF app toolkit details what I've used as a guitar teacher to appear insanely valuable to all potential guitar students. I charge way more per hour than the average guitar teacher. It took me years to figure out how to run my business smoothly, automatically, with barely any effort. Once I did, I not only saved time and energy, I charged far more money per hour.

    Can you really put a price on this?!?

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    No, that would bankrupt me! Instead, you'll learn which software tools you could use to save yourself hours of time each week as you are teaching guitar.


    "What's the catch? There's always a catch!"

    The catch is this: You're going to have to deal with being more valuable to your students. That would be so awful because you obviously don't want to charge more for your lessons and make a better living as a guitar teacher. Who would want that?

    You're going to have to learn which tools you can use to make your teaching life far more enjoyable. That's so awful! Who would want to make their work-life actually satisfying, right?!?

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