It's Never Too Late To Learn Guitar!


Learn guitar from scratch from a master teacher

I specialize in teaching complete beginners, aka people who have zero experience. I've taught hundreds of them in over a decade of teaching in Austin, TX. I now live in Santa Fe. I have two degrees in guitar performance, one of which is from the Eastman School of Music, widely noted to be #1 in America.

All I want is to help you make guitar a beautiful part of your life.

I'll Drive To You

Driving can be such a hassle, no matter where you live. In Santa Fe, perhaps you'd prefer the chance to just relax and let someone else come to you? That's what I'll do.

I've worked with tons of adults

I've worked with hundreds of adults to learn guitar, all the way up to age 75. My curriculum can work for you to learn guitar. Most of them have written on my Yelp page how happy they are with my services:


No Driving Required

I'll do the driving to your place so you can learn. Basically, you get to learn in the environment you feel most comfy in.

All Materials Provided

I'll provide all the materials you need from gorgeous sheet music to high quality video.

Five Minute of Practice

I'll never require you to practice more than five minutes per day. Ever.

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What you get with me (that you can't with others):

  • My years of experience helping only beginners.
  • Top-notch guitar education in your own home.
  • A guitar teacher who cares, who is warm and supportive.
  • Priority email support.
  • Follow up emails to help you focus your energy.
  • Beautiful materials like chord sheets & playalong videos.
  • A learning experience second to none.