Five Minutes of Practice: How Does It Work?


1. Learn The Most Powerful Practice Tip

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After each lesson, you'll receive a email explaining the best and most powerful way to spend your five minute practice time, each day for the next week. All suggestions are based upon your ability and what you are learning.

2. Practice 5 Minutes Each Day

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Schedule a five minute block of time each day for practicing guitar and apply the suggestion. It could be right before bed, or right as you get up. If you practice the suggestion, you'll learn guitar quickly.

3. Finished? Play Guitar And Enjoy!

Play Guitar.jpg

After your five minutes of practice is up, it's time to play around on guitar. Now it's time to enjoy the fruits of your musical labor! Pop on a song at full volume, sing loud, and play to your heart's content.


His "just practice 5 minutes a day" regime is genius because the things he gives you to practice are so fun that the 5 minutes quickly turns into 10, then 20, then 30.....

Debbie D,