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Please read before booking...

Once you book your first lesson, it's not final. I'll confirm our appointment time once we talk on the phone. If we don't connect, then I'll immediately refund the cost of the lesson and cancel your lesson.

My location (in a nutshell)

I will send you precise directions to my office after we speak on the phone. I am located very close to the intersection of William Cannon and Manchaca.


There are two dogs who live at the address where I teach at. They are great dogs, but I want to introduce you to them before we get to my office.

Skip The Traffic

If you'd rather skip the traffic, please select First Skype Guitar Lesson.

how to book a lesson

Click a service (below), choose a day and time that works for you, tell me what time you're free for a call, pay for the lesson (don't worry, the payment system is super-secure). Then we'll chat, and we can hit some guitar!