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Quick & Easy Booking! Choose One:

Policies for the First Lesson

Phone conversation, first!

Once you book your first lesson, it's not final. I want to make sure that we speak on the phone first. If I don't talk on the phone with you before your first lesson, I will not confirm it.

My location (in a nutshell)

I am located very close to the intersection of William Cannon and Manchaca. I'll send the address after we speak on the phone.


There are two dogs who live at the address where I teach at. They are great dogs, but I understand that dogs aren't for everyone. If this is a deal-breaker for you, consider doing Skype guitar lessons with me.

Cold Feet? Try Doing This First

Read My Blog First

A fantastic way to get to know me is through my writing. My blog is a fantastic place to start (and it's free to read it).

Read How to Learn Guitar and Have Insane Amounts of Fun, Next

This book was written especially for beginners. It's all the stuff that makes learning guitar soooooooo much easier.

C'mon... The First Lesson is Free!