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Learn how to read guitar tabs, and what they are good for

Guitar tabs are a widely popular guitar notation that helps you learn to play melodies or lead guitar licks. The word "tabs" is short for the word tablatures. The very first tablatures were created for lutes back in the 1500s, no joke. Gradually, guitar stole tabs for it's own use, and now it's used extensively to teach and to learn how to play. 

The rest of this blog post will teach you how to read guitar tabs, and what they are good for according to what genre of guitar you'd like to learn to play. Let's learn how to read guitar tabs, eh?

Guitar Classes: Everything You Need To Know

Chromelodeon by Seth Tisue, Attribution 2.0 Generic

Guitar classes are simple: Imagine a group of like-minded guitarists being taught just one topic at a time and you're in the ballpark.

If you are an outgoing person, you'll find that guitar classes are a lot of fun. If you tend to be a little picky with who you hang out with, you're less likely to find guitar classes to be enjoyable.

All that said, what are guitar classes good for? Let's get into the details.