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Less is More When You're Learning Guitar

One of my favorite maxims is less is more. I love the idea of simplifying ideas, concepts, and techniques.

When it comes to doing research on the guitar, or finding information on a certain topic, I also take the less-is-more approach. I tend to research specific topics in small numbers at one time, and basically master the information that I have consumed. 

I recommend the same for you, especially if you are a beginner.

The rest of this post goes over why having a less-is-more attitude about learning guitar helps build your momentum and your enjoyment of the guitar.

How to Combine Learning Guitar Online With Guitar Lessons

Tuning Peg Gears by PublicDomainPictures, CC0 Public Domain

When you take face-to-face guitar lessons, you are presented with customized information from an experienced guitar teacher. The material that you learn will be specifically tailored to your current ability. If you really want to progress at guitar quickly, my suggestion is to casually follow up on what your guitar teacher teaches you, online.

Would you like to know why doing this makes guitar ten times as much fun to play?