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How to Combine Learning Guitar Online With Guitar Lessons

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When you take face-to-face guitar lessons, you are presented with customized information from an experienced guitar teacher. The material that you learn will be specifically tailored to your current ability. If you really want to progress at guitar quickly, my suggestion is to casually follow up on what your guitar teacher teaches you, online.

Would you like to know why doing this makes guitar ten times as much fun to play?

Learning guitar online: Is it doable?

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Guitar is a fun, complex instrument to learn.

Sometimes, complex tasks requires guidance from an experienced teacher, someone who can save us from frustration. At the same time, there is much to be gleaned from online tutorials. 

What do you do? Learn the guitar entirely online, or seek a guide in face-to-face guitar lessons?

This post will help you make the wisest decision. Let's destroy this argument once and for all.

Introducing Foundations of Guitar

If you've never picked up a guitar before, if you’re a complete newbie and want solid information on how to learn, you're in the right place. Foundations of Guitar was designed to be one of the most useful, clearly written, and valuable guides to learn guitar from scratch.  

Foundations of Guitar encompasses over 150 topics written and filmed to help beginners learn the absolute fundamentals of guitar. Each blog post will include a full text writeup as well as a video, and many of them will have high-resolution photographs as well as well-designed graphics, too. 

What topics will Foundations of Guitar Cover?