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How do I know if I've got a good starter guitar?

Lots of beginners to guitar are worried about whether or not the guitar they are currently using is a good starter guitar.

Most of the time, the guitars they use are just fine. Chances are good that you are already playing an excellent guitar for your level. But there is that nagging question: How do you know for certain that a guitar is good for learning?

This post will go over that in detail. Let's jump in!

Lowering your guitar string height part I: Take it to a guitar technician

If you want lower guitar string height, my first piece of advice to you is to bring it to a competent guitar technician. Why?

Guitar technicians are smart, savvy people who are excellent at addressing wide range of playability issues on guitars.

You'll learn a lot from asking them questions, and you'll lower your guitar string height.

The rest of this post goes over all the advantages of befriending an awesome guitar technician. Let's hit this!