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5 Signs Your Guitar Teacher is a Turd

Most beginners, once they find a guitar teacher they like (or can at least tolerate) will stick with that teacher for the duration of the lessons. If you're one of these people, then perhaps it's worth your time to make sure that the teacher you are committing to isn't a turd. 

This blog post will go over five signs that your teacher isn't worth the time, energy, or money you're spending on them.

The 8 Best Business Books for Teaching Guitar

As guitar teachers, we don't usually have role models for teaching. As a result, most teachers are hungry for good advice on how to make their guitar education business run better, how to be better guitar teachers, and how to justify charging more per lesson.

The books in this presentation will help you with a myriad of problems that guitar teachers face. Use them wisely and learn the lessons in them to make your guitar teaching business more valuable!

How to Find a Guitar Teacher: Organization and Habits

Many beginners to guitar want a teacher who is structured and ready to provide opinions about the best way to learn guitar. Teachers provide this advice in the form of a curriculum.

How do you know if a teacher's curriculum will work for you? Answering this question can save you many frustrated hours of practice, and the drudgery of going to a teacher that you don't get along with.