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What is a guitar cutaway?

[Chris's new Kronbauer by Larry Jacobsen, Attribution 2.0 Generic]

A guitar cutaway is when a guitar's body is "cut away" just below the bottom of the neck. Cutaways make it easier to play lead guitar licks and melodies up higher on the neck, like above the 12th fret.

Want to learn more about guitar cutaways and why guitars have them? I've included a bunch of high-resolution pictures for your viewing enjoyment in this blog post.

Learn the theme song for Parks and Recreation on guitar

This post is a tutorial on how to play the theme song for Parks and Recreation on solo guitar. This is really hard for many guitar solo enthusiasts to play, so I've rated this solo at a 6/10 difficulty level. In other words, don't attempt this tutorial if you're brand new to solo guitar. If you have a great deal of guitar solos under your belt, perhaps around 30-40 of them, then give this solo a shot.

Full troubleshooting section included as well as video. Enjoy!