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8 Tips to Grow Momentum on Guitar

[Baby boy guitar by Takazart, CC0 Public Domain]

One of the best ways to build momentum on guitar is to limit the amount of time you spend practicing. If you spent five simple minutes diligently and deliberately practicing what matters, it'd be more helpful to you than an hour of unfocused playing. If you feel overburdened by your current practice routine, this one tip will help. 

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Do You Have No Rhythm on Guitar?

IMG_8096 by Jay Roc, Public Domain Dedication

Do you have rhythm on guitar? I think you do.

In fact, I think you have a lot of rhythm. Don't believe me?

Rhythm is what you feel when you hear a song. Strumming, however, is how you play rhythms on the guitar.

You're born with rhythm, but you need to figure out how to strum rhythms on the guitar.

This blog and video shows you how you have rhythm inside of you, and it will give you pointers on how to strum rhythms on the guitar.


Do You Suck At Guitar?

Expression by Fe IlyaAttribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic

The critical inner voice is at it again! What is it? It's that malicious little brat of a voice that kicks dirt on your mental shoes, spits on your thoughts, and leaves a flaming pile of dog poop at the door of your mind for you to stamp out.

It's the ding-dong-ditcher that rings up at 3 am, wakes you up, and then quietly laughs at him or herself for fooling you. 

No matter where this voice comes from, or how it started for that matter, it's important that we engage the voice and try to get at the heart of the judgements it sends to us.

It might be saying that we need to work on some skills that have escaped our attention.

This means we ought to figure out what skills we need in order to change and get better at guitar.

6 Tips to Silence the Critical Inner Voice

boy guitar sitting outdoors by Unsplash, CC0 Public Domain

The critical inner voice is an annoyance. If it annoys you, then you have a right to annoy it right back.

The list that follows comprises six extremely potent ways of challenging the critical inner voice. I hope it provides you with some ammunition to engage this annoying little rat with confidence, and eventually turn it into an ally.

Identifying the Critical Inner Voice

Record player vinyl by Unsplash, CC0 Public Domain

The critical inner voice is the nagging, negative, debilitating little squeak that appears when we are learning and in the mood for experiencing something new. Examples:

  • "You'll never be able to do this."
  • "Seriously? Why are you trying so hard? You know you'll fail."
  • "You'll lose interest sooner or later. Good luck."
  • "Why bother? Just give up."

If you have this voice in your head, chances are that it's wreaking havoc on your enjoyment of guitar. Obviously, we can't let that little dork of a voice win, so we're going to make it obey us and stop being the disgusting little know-it-all that it thinks it is.