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5 Signs Your Guitar Teacher is a Turd

Most beginners, once they find a guitar teacher they like (or can at least tolerate) will stick with that teacher for the duration of the lessons. If you're one of these people, then perhaps it's worth your time to make sure that the teacher you are committing to isn't a turd. 

This blog post will go over five signs that your teacher isn't worth the time, energy, or money you're spending on them.

What Makes a Bad Teacher Bad?

Teachers and students. The idea is simple: Learn from someone who knows more than you do about a subject. You learn, you become more familiar with the subject, and then you get what you want. This process goes swimmingly when the teacher cares about the student as a human being first, and a student second. This is great, right? Yeah! It is! But what happens when the teacher is bitter and sarcastic? Biting, and aggressive with criticism? Ouch.

The Art of Auditioning Guitar Teachers

Guitar Practice by Daniel Davis, Attribution 2.0 Generic

There are tons of teachers out there. Mean ones, nice ones, compassionate ones, weird ones, and you might even be able to find a teacher who is kind. But, chances are you are not going to find this amazing first teacher without a little bit of work.

Do you want to find a great guitar teacher on your first attempt at face-to-face guitar lessons? This post will show you how.