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Learn Dead Flowers, by The Rolling Stones, on Guitar

This post is a tutorial on how to play Dead Flowers, by The Rolling Stones on guitar.

I've rated this tutorial to be at about a 2/10 difficulty rating because this song uses three chords, the D–A–G chord system as I like to put it, and has one strumming pattern throughout the entire song. I suggest that you have about 5 songs under your belt before you start learning this song.

I'll be showing you a transcription of how to play Dead Flowers. There are two guitars in this song, an electric guitar and an acoustic rhythm guitar. I'll be showing you how to play the acoustic rhythm guitar part.

Steel or nylon strings: Which guitar is best for beginners?

There are two main string materials: steel and nylon. You will find steel strings on acoustic guitars and electric guitars. You will find nylon strings on classical guitars.

Which is best for beginners: Nylon or steel string guitars? The answer to that question is simple: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 

This post will help you which sound you like the best between steel strings and nylon strings. Bam!