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Favoring Adventures over Guitar Goals

Guitar by bogitw, CC0 Public Domain

When someone has an adventure, there's an aspect of mystery and magic to it. We love stories. We love crazy adventures. If we didn't we'd hate reading fiction, and we'd never would have enjoyed watching The Lord of the Rings.

In recalling an adventure, a person could describe his or her experience as momentous, nothing that could have been expected, and totally memorable. The vagueness, the unexpected joys and sorrows that adventures present are so meaningful to those who have undertaken them...

What should be my top guitar goal?

Airness by Dave, Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic

The top guitar goal that I recommend is this: Enjoy the process of learning guitar in order to enrich your life with music.  

Notice that this goal is free from judgement, comparison, achievement, deadline, or even a sense of urgency. This is definitely on purpose. If guitar is a hobby for you, this goal will help you learn it in a very satisfying manner without it taking over your life. 

Let's break it into two chunks, and get into why this goal is so helpful.