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Learn Horse With No Name on Guitar

A Navajo Indian man staking his horse to a hole in the desert sand so the horse does not wander off, ca.1900 (CHS-3260).jpg, Pierce, C.C. (Charles C.), 1861-1946, Public Domain.

This blog post is a tutorial on how to play Horse With No Name by America on guitar.

Horse With No Name is given a 1/10 song rating because it is requires only two chords and one strumming pattern. This means that the song is super appropriate for many (but not all) beginners to learn.

Learn Tugboat, by Galaxie 500, on Guitar

bowery ballroom / lower east side, manhattan, new york city, new york by Chris Robinson, Attribution 2.0 Generic

Tugboat is an epic song. It's the result of just two chords and a whole lot of reverb. Pretty cool, huh?

This blog post is a complete tutorial on how to play Tugboat by Galaxie 500 on guitar. Learning this song and mastering it will help you learn to keep the strumming going, regardless of how your chords sound. This is a crucial skill for your long term enjoyment of guitar.

I will show you the chords, the strumming pattern, and the chord progression of this song. Additionally, I'll share a couple of practice suggestions that will make this song easier for you to play. Finally, I'll go over some troubleshooting tips if you're having a little trouble.

Let's hit this.