Introducing Song Lessons

Introducing Song Lessons

Introducing song lessons

Song lessons are blogs that show you how to play a song on guitar. Each of them will have:

  1. Video-rich blogs with easy-to-understand instructions. Each video is HD and perfectly illustrates the technique you need to learn.
  2. A troubleshooting section that will help you diagnose and treat common problems you might have while learning the song.
  3. A companion song module for those who must know everything about the song.
  4. Tags to help you find new songs that are appropriate for your current ability.

Each Blog is Filthy Rich with Video

You can learn the song on either YouTube or at this blog, but either way you'll have tons of access to videos that will explain all the techniques in high definition clarity.

Song lessons on YouTube go through the parts of the song quickly. Song lessons on the blog are more self-paced, and give you a chance to absorb the information (technique videos are embedded throughout).

Each blog is tagged to help you find a perfect next song to learn

The biggest failing of online guitar lessons is inadequate organization. To that end, I've included four different tag categories that, if used, will help you find the perfect next song to learn. Each song lesson is tagged with these categories, and clicking on a specific tag, below each blog post, means you can find very similar songs without too much effort

Here are the tag categories: 

Song Scale Ratings

Each song lesson on this site is tagged with a rating from 0/10 to 10/10. This is a measurement of how difficult a song is to learn, and it's formally called the Song Rating. To read further about the song ratings, check them out here.  

Chord Systems

Each song lesson on this site is tagged according to the underlying chord pattern for a song. These are called chord systems. To read further about chord systems, check them out here.

Type of Guitar

Each song lesson on this site is tagged as Electric Guitar Song or Acoustic Guitar Song (or both). This is to help you find more songs based on the type of guitar that you play the most. To read further about song lessons based on types of guitars, check that out here.

Arrangement or Transcription

Each song is also tagged as being either Arrangement or Transcription. Arrangements are easy versions of a song, while transcriptions are note-for-note. To read further about the differences between the two, you can read more here.

Common questions are answered in the troubleshooting section

Many people have very common questions about certain songs. Each song lesson will have a troubleshooting section to answer the most commons questions beginners typically have.

If this troubleshooting section doesn't answer your questions, if the blog didn't go over exactly you wanted it to go over, you may want to purchase a module which goes into crazy amounts of depth.

Song modules: Self-paced online courses designed to help you nail the song

Song modules are detailed tutorials with multiple videos and downloads. If you're the curious type, you'll love modules because all of the answers you might have about a song are answered in them. What's included in a module?

  • Clear, high definition video that builds skills brick-by-brick and note-by-note.
  • High resolution photographs of chords, and well-designed chord sheets and tablatures.
  • Course material downloads like song sheets, audio play-alongs, and more.
  • Workflows to practice the song. Workflows are highly effective practice strategies that you can use to learn the song in less time.

Tugboat by Galaxie 500 — Chord Progression

The Song Rating: Organizing Songs by The Level of Difficulty

The Song Rating: Organizing Songs by The Level of Difficulty