The Difference Between Transcriptions and Arrangements

Transcriptions vs Arrangements

In the song lessons you'll find on this blog, you'll find two more tags to help you find the perfect next song to learn: Transcription and Arrangement.

Arrangements are very easy versions of a song that aren't 100% accurate but sound really close to the real thing. You could think of arrangements as quick and dirty versions of a song that are easier to play if you aren't terribly familiar with the guitar just yet. 

Transcriptions are note-for-note tutorials that teach you exactly what the guitarist is doing on the record. Every bend, every slide, every chord, every strumming pattern (within reason) is included and notated. Naturally, transcriptions are easier to learn if you are more familiar with the guitar.

Finding transcriptions or arrangements by clicking on tags

Clicking the Transcription tag will get you an entire category of songs that are note perfect:

Clicking on the Arrangement tag will get you a whole category of songs that are quick and dirty tutorials to help you play a song quickly, even if they aren't totally 100% note-perfect.