Star Picks | Two Minute Review


Hi there and welcome to the YouTube channel for the School of Feedback Guitar. This video is a two minute long gear review video and what I'm going to be reviewing are the Star Picks, these beautiful little picks that I really, really love and recommend to all the beginners.  Before I jump into the review I just want to kind of take a moment and encourage you to subscribe to the channel, if you like the content. I'm going to be doing a bunch of reviews of various gear and stuff like that throughout this YouTube Channel. So would highly highly recommend subscribing. But in the event let's jump into the review.

Star Picks! Now these are usually really, really cool picks and I recommend them to just about every single beginner that I work with, simply because they have an actual star cut out of the pick, I mean it's like, you see like how a changes, like all I did... is like I mean like you can see it through the pick and everything and what this does is it gives the beginner who hasn't quite figured out how hard to grip the pick in the first place like good amount of traction to hold the pick.  Now one thing a lot of beginners have a hard time with is like this picks kind of like not this pick in particular but picks in general kind of like do this sliding motion when they're doing strumming and everything and that's because they don't have enough grip and the star pick absolutely solves that problem.

You can find a bunch of these online, they're not usually sold at guitar shops which is a real shame, I think these are just excellent picks but you can find them online and I've left a link in the description so in any events Star Picks highly recommended if you're a beginner and like having trouble holding on to your picks. So in any event, thanks for tuning in and for checking out this video and The School of Guitar at our YouTube Channel.  Once again wanted to take a second to encourage you to subscribe to this channel if you dig the content and please leave me comment. It would be really, really great to hear from you.  So in any event thank so much and I guess I will catch you next time.