G7 Capo | Two Minute Review


Hey there, and welcome to the YouTube Channel The School of Feedback Guitar.  This is a 2-minute gear review video of the G7 Capo. This is just a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful Capo and I wanted to make sure everybody knew about how awesome this thing is, but before I get into the merits of this Capo and why it is so great, I did want to encourage you to subscribe to this Channel because there's tons of really great reviews that I'm going to be doing in the future that  could really, really help you learn guitar quicker and easier. A bunch of gear reviews and stuff, so please stick around.
In any event, let's get to the review. The G7 Capo - now if we were to make analogies and everything, this Capo would absolutely get my vote for being the Rolls Royce of all guitar Capos - ever, period.  

You could look at this thing; it’s a little bit on the heavy side but the thing is that a tank could roll over this thing and it would still look just as awesome. Well, I think it would look just as awesome. And it's so simple to operate; it's simple, you just kind of put it on your guitar and squeeze the bottom and there it is. It doesn't really take a whole lot of gripping or wrapping things around or messing with it.  You just give it a little bit of a simple kind of squeeze at the bottom and your guitar is just like capo’d and that's it. And to get it off - boom, that's it.  Pull the lever and pull the Capo off and that's it.

Now this Capo is amazing - it's a little bit on the expensive side, so if you are given to losing things I don't recommend you getting this one.  But if you do get this Capo, one thing you can do is just put it on the top of your headstock like this and it will always stay there as long as you're really careful with it.
In any event I would highly, highly, highly recommend this Capo - I think it's really wonderful. Thanks so much for checking out this video. If you dig what you saw - you know, don't forget to subscribe to the Channel. And if you're feeling up for it and everything, please leave me a comment - I'd love to hear from you.  That's basically it for this gear-review video. Plenty of them are coming up soon.