Dunlop Jazz III Guitar Picks | Two Minute Review


Hey there and welcome to the School of Feedback Guitar YouTube channel. This video is part of a series of reviews, I like to call them "2 minute reviews". And in this particular video, I'm going to be reviewing the black Dunlop Jazz III pick.

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This is the Jim Dunlop Jazz III pick. Now this is super heavy pick. It is really thick and it is also really small, if you can look at this here and then compare two picks to each other. There is this Star Pick and here's the Dunlop Jazz III Pick, these are really super small. What happens with these picks when you use them is that you can't help but choke up on them a little bit. What these picks are really great for is lead guitar stuff. Whereas bigger picks are just great for strumming, this one is good for plucking single strings.

Now not every guitarist out there in the world is going to use these picks for lead guitar but if you're looking to play lead guitar, I would actually recommend that you try them out. You'll find that it's really difficult at first, to kind of get your fingers around the pick and get them unto the string to pluck the right string and everything but this pick is actually really good for that. So in any event, yes, I would totally recommend getting this pick if you're going to be learning lead guitar.

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