D'Addario XL Electric Guitar Strings | Two Minute Review


Hey there and welcome to the YouTube Channel of the School of Feedback Guitar. This video is a two minute gear review, two minutes roughly speaking, review of a set of guitar strings that I particularly like, the D'Addario XL Nickel wounds. These are really wonderful strings I'm going to get to them in a second. Before I do, if you like this review, you can get plenty more of them in the future by subscribing to this channel and you know of course, don't forget to leave a comment. It'll be great to hear from you.

All of that said, if we're talking about the most basic, the most bargain, the most awesome, easy, bang for the buck kind of guitar string, electric guitar string that you can get, I would recommend D'Addario XLs. These are regular light gauge as it says which means it's like gauge ten to forty six. If these numbers, if these gauges seem like Greek to you, and you don't speak Greek, don't worry about it. These are actually a really really standard guitar string set: ten to forty six. If you go to your guitar shop, your local guitar shop and say, "Hey, can I have D'Addario XLs in tens." You can totally say that and pass yourself off as a pro, like you've been playing for years and everything. These are really, really, really cheap. It's my personal contention that any guitar string set that is below ten dollars is roughly the same quality.

The Nickel Wound D'Addario XL also comes in three set packages and these are really super cheap. If you are a bargain hunter or whatever, these strings are the ones you want. I would highly recommend them especially for beginners.

In any event, thanks so much for checking out this two minute gear review. Don't forget to subscribe to this channel if you dig the content and of course it would be great to hear from you. Please leave a comment. It would be awesome.

In the event, thanks so much, I hope you stick around and I guess I'll see y'all next time.