Guns And Roses Takes a Stand Against Selfie-Sticks

This just in from The Independent: Guns and Roses is taking a stand at making concerts more enjoyable:

...concert promoters MCD have released a list of banned items that fans are not permitted to bring to the venue.
Light sabers, sky lanterns and selfie sticks are among the prohibited items, as well as tridents, iPads, food, animals and backpacks.

This is cool, but also, it seems that the concertgoers aren’t allowed to mosh either...

MCD also warned that crowd surfing and moshing will not be permitted and fans found taking part in such activities "will be removed from the venue without a refund".

I guess this might be expected from G&R. They are aging rockers by this point.

What about you? Are you going to go see Guns and Roses this summer?