Eddie Van Halen: A Giver With A Big Heart

Eddie Van Halen Gives 75 Guitars To School Kids

From Guitar.com, it seems that Eddie Van Halen has been helping out a bunch of low-income kids, which absolutely warms my heart:

Eddie Van Halen spoke on CNN Tuesday, February 21, about his gift of 75 of his old guitars to the charity Mr. Holland's Opus, the organzation made famous in the 1995 film starring Richard Dreyfuss. The Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation was created by the movie's musical composer, Michael Kamen, in 1996.  

I absolutely love it when I hear about this sort of thing. I think giving old guitars away is such good karma.

In an interview that also included Mr. Holland's Opus President and CEO, Felice Mancini, Van Halen said he had a hard time finding a place to donate his guitars. "It was very difficult at first to find a charity that would take them," the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer said. "They all just wanted money."

Wait, they had a hard time finding a place that would take Eddie friggin Van Halen's guitars?? Sign me up...

"Could you imagine a world without music? It's a must," Van Halen told CNN's John Vause during an interview Tuesday. "It has to be taught."

I wish more people were as forward thinking. EVH is a legend in guitar communities. He obviously cares about the future of music, too.