New Online Course: The 7 Basic Guitar Chords


Master The 7 Basic Guitar Chords

Master all seven basic guitar chords, and use them to play popular guitar songs in less than a week.

The seven basic guitar chords are used in countless songs. Knowing them gives you better access to them, and being shaky on them means you might be (needlessly) strugging. If you have to avoid songs because you don't like to play a chord, then what fun is that?

This course will guide anyone who wants to completely master the seven basic chords. After you take this course, you'll be able to play the guitar chords that are the vernacular of guitar; In other words, you'll be able to play the chords that every guitarist uses to play songs together because they are easy.

Mastering these seven chords will give you access to literally millions of songs, from Dead Flowers by The Rolling Stones and Love Me Do by The Beatles, to In The Aeroplane Over The Sea by Neutral Milk Hotel all the way to Cut Your Hair by Pavement. These chords are so important to learn!

What are these guitar chords?

G, C, D, A, A minor, E, and E Minor.

This course will show you all of these chords, all the popular variations of these chords, and it will show you how to master each of them in a matter of days.