Snarling Dog Brain Picks | Gear Review


Welcome to the YouTube channel of the School of Feedback Guitar.  This is a guitar gear review.  I'm going to be reviewing the Snarling Dog Brain Picks, and I love these picks.

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Like I said, these are the Snarling Dog Brain Picks, and I'm always on the lookout for guitar picks that I really like and can recommend to beginners, and these ones get my confidence.  These are excellent, excellent picks, and the reason why is because they've got just a bunch of texture right here.

One thing beginners have such a hard time with is when picks, they just start sliding around, and it's really, really tough for beginners to maintain the right amount of grip without having their entire arm be completely stiff, and it makes strumming really difficult.  

Well, the brain picks, the Snarling Dog Brain Picks totally solve that problem.  These are on par with the star picks, the Everly Star Picks that I've reviewed at one point.  I think they're excellent picks and I would totally recommend them, and they sound just like a regular guitar pick.  

This one that I'm using is a 0.73, so --

[plays guitar]

-- and the black on here is a 0.88 --

[plays guitar]

There's not very much difference there.  I think these picks are just excellent because they have so much traction for you to hold onto, and I would highly recommend getting them.  

I've left the link in the description.  Get them, try them out.  They are pretty cheap and they're excellent.  They will help you hold onto your pick really, really well, especially if you're a beginner.

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