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As far as today's review is concerned, I'm going over this thing called "Fast Fret."

Okay, now, if you're anything like me, you're probably at least a little bit lazy or you have strings that are kind of old on your guitar.  I don't really change my strings all that often.  I don't really see the point of it, so I don't really mind using a string cleaner on them, and I don't really mind using a string cleaner, especially if it's going to make them sound a little bit brighter and play a little bit easier; you know, closer to what newer strings would play like and would sound like.

Fast Fret will get you there.

Now, this is a pretty old set of strings here, okay, so right now --  

[plays guitar]

Okay, and all I have to do is pull this out.  This gets put on to your strings, so let's see here.

[plays guitar]

It's got a bit of a funk smell.  Once you get used to it, it's not really all that bad.  Put it in your strings.  They give you a handy dandy little wipe.  Wipe it all off a little bit and then voila, your strings are quite a bit cleaner.  No big deal there.  Actually, I'll just put this down on the ground, and then all of a sudden --

[plays guitar]

My strings are a whole heck of a lot more playable.

[plays guitar]

One thing about Fast Fret that I really love is that you don't really get stuck on strings after using it, you know.  A lot of people will use a lot of grip strength and it gets in the way if they want to play something up here.

[plays guitar]

Well, Fast Fret makes that glide a whole lot easier, and plus it just makes the strings a lot prettier and brighter sounding.

So, yeah, overall, I would totally recommend Fast Fret, especially if you've got an older guitar with older strings and you just don't want to change the strings, you just don't wanna go through that.  I would totally recommend it.

Now, if you're a really advanced shred guitarist, you probably already know about this and this is old news about how awesome this is, but if you are more new to lead guitar scene or if you're just new to guitar in general, this is not a bad thing to get and to have in your guitar case.  It's wonderful.  You can really clean up an old pair of strings really quickly and make it easier to play.

So, yes, I would recommend it, all levels.  Grab it.

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