Dunlop Tortex Guitar Pick | Gear Review


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Today, I wanted to go over a classic, classic guitar pick called the Dunlop Tortex.  When you first buy these, you would think that they have --  They have this really interesting kind of soft texture about them and they do make good picks, but what I've noticed is that over time, the oils from the skin get mixed in with the pick and it becomes harder and hard and harder to actually hold onto because there's not really a whole lot of traction on this pick.  That could be very, very difficult for some beginners because a lot of beginners experience having a pick swirling around int he fingers just like that, and it's completely annoying.

I would honestly not recommend getting this pick if you're a beginner, and I would say get the Snarling Dog's Brain Picks or get the Everly Star Picks instead.  Those two picks are excellent for sake of traction.  

These picks are probably more for intermediate and advanced players who have the right amount of grip without too much tension in their arm for strumming or picking and what not.  I do know a lot of advanced players really like to use these picks, so there you have it.  
I wouldn't recommend it if you're a beginner.  If you're more advanced, you probably have already used these and everything.

So, yeah, that's all I've got for this pick and for this gear review.  Once again, I would recommend the Everly Star Picks and the Snarling Dog's Brain Picks more than I would recommend the Dunlop Tortex, but if you like these kinds of picks and you want to try them out, I've left a link in the description to buy them.

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