Which guitar is best for beginners: Electric or Acoustic?

Which guitar is best for beginners? It depends on you.

The best type of guitar for you is the type you gravitate to the most.

If you like rock and roll, chances are you're going to want to get an electric guitar. Do you like singer-songwriters? Well, you'll do best with an acoustic.

It's simple: Just buy the type of guitar that you gravitate to. This makes going to a guitar shop loads of fun!

Starting with acoustic gives you an advantage later

Though I think that buying the guitar you gravitate to is the best course of action overall, I will admit that there are two advantages to starting on an acoustic guitar first:

  1. Acoustic guitars have thicker gauge of strings and higher string action in general. This makes learning acoustic guitar more difficult on your fingers at first. The upside is if you switch to electric guitar later on, it will feel totally easy in comparison.
  2. Acoustic guitar's biggest strength is with rhythm, with constant strumming. If you learn strumming on acoustic guitar, that skill can easily translate to many styles of electric rhythm guitar later on.