What should be my top guitar goal?

What should be my top guitar goal?

The top guitar goal that I recommend is this: Enjoy the process of learning guitar in order to enrich your life with music.  

Notice that this goal is free from judgement, comparison, achievement, deadline, or even a sense of urgency. This is definitely on purpose. If guitar is a hobby for you, this goal will help you learn it in a very satisfying manner without it taking over your life. 

Let's break it into two chunks, and get into why this goal is so helpful.

"Enjoy the process of learning guitar..."

Process is a lovely word. It's the practicing, learning, taking of lessons, the discussions of guitar with friends, being open, exploring, and discovering of new concepts and techniques. It's watching yourself get just a bit more skilled each day. It's also trusting that you are getting better without constantly measuring and comparing yourself against people who have more experience. Fair enough?

When beginners focus on being good, comparisons to others, or achievements, it manufactures a sense of urgency to learning. It makes them believe that they must be absurdly proficient at guitar in order to enjoy playing. That's such an epic fail! It takes time for anyone to build a deep level of experience with guitar. Take my word for it: focus more on watching your skills grow slowly over time. Focus more on the process of learning and seeing small bits of progress as you step forward.  You won't regret it when it comes time to play music:

"...in order to enrich your life with music."

Skills can be built by loving, and loving to watch, the process. The best part of loving the process is experiencing the thrill when skills catch up to your desire to play music. When this happens, you'll see exactly why it's so much fun to play guitar.

Time will disappear when you play. You'll get to the end of a song and realize that you didn't make a mistake. Without embarrassment, without shame, without any negativity whatsoever, the skills you grew will magically help you enjoy playing guitar that much more. On this day, you won't care about being good at it, or accomplishing some silly urgent goal. You won't care about being better than Jack White or as legendary as some guitarist you've heard about. None of that will matter anymore. The only thing that does matter is you, your experience, and that you enjoy playing guitar. 

In conclusion

Here's the most thoughtful top guitar goal I could possibly recommend to you:

Enjoy the process of learning guitar in order to enrich your life with music.

The idea is simple. Love the process of building skills slowly to provide the foundation you need to enjoy music. When your skills catch up to you, it will feel electric and oh so enjoyable. You'll be playing music, and in such a satisfying way.