What is standard tuning on guitar?

Standard tuning on guitar is the standard tuning

Standard tuning is the string tuning that most guitars are tuned to unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Tuning your guitar to standard tuning is easy. Here's the notes:


  • 1st string: The high E string (the string closest to the floor, or the thinnest string)
  • 2nd string: The B string (the string second closest to the floor)
  • 3rd string: The G string (the string third closest to the floor)
  • 4th string: The D String ( the string third closest to the ceiling)
  • 5th string: The A string (the string second closest to the ceiling)
  • 6th string: The E string (the string closest to the ceiling, or the thickest string)

    The easiest way to do it is to get GuitarTuna or a similar app. Then, you can follow these directions:

    Standard tuning equals standard guitar chords. Yay!

    This is the great part: Once you tune your guitar to standard tuning, you can play all the standard guitar chords. These chords are what I like to call the basics. If you know them, can strum, and can switch between them at will, you'll have access to millions of songs, no exaggeration.

    If you know the D Chord for example, you'll be able to play that same exact D chord in any song that calls for a D Chord, simply because of standard tuning. Pretty cool, huh?