Video Chat Guitar Lessons: Are They Worth It?

Video Chat Guitar Lessons: Are They Worth It?

Learning from a remote teacher

We introverts are far from stupid... Chances are we are quite a bit smarter than our extrovert counterparts would believe! The thing is, we don't crave social interaction and the bubbly stimulation of parties or get-togethers. We find them a little draining. Being out and about makes us long for our quiet time. We can be alone for hours and love every second of it. 

I think it's also true of introverts that we enjoy learning a topic deeply and completely. We love the feeling of gaining mastery in our pursuits, however long it takes. We love the feeling of watching ourselves grow more skilled. We love learning! This poses a problem if an introvert wishes to learn guitar, because guitar is a bit complex to learn on one's own.

Guidance can make the amount of time it takes to learn guitar much shorter than going it alone, teacher-less. This leaves us introverts in a quandary: Do we go see a guitar teacher, someone who can help us learn guitar quicker but force ourselves into a social situation that might drain us, or go lonesome and sift through the tons of information on the internet and take more time and effort to learn?

The solution to this problem is to take video chat guitar lessons. There are tons of guitar teachers online who would be willing to show you guitar, completely via video chat. You can get the guidance that you need from the comfort of your own home, and best of all you don't even have to wear pants. 

Tools that you'll need to take Skype guitar lessons

No doubt, if you decide to learn from a teacher over video chat, like with Skype or FaceTime, you will need some tools. Chances are that you have many of these already:

  1. Guitar
  2. Webcam
  3. Computer
  4. Fast internet access
  5. Skype/FaceTime or a video chat service


I'm assuming that you already have a guitar. If not, you're going to need to buy one soon. My suggestion is to set a budget of $300 and head to the nearest guitar shop. When you go there, my suggestion is to check the guitar's string action, if it has longer frets that cut into your hands, and whether it just feels good to have the guitar in your lap. If you're unsure and unwilling to make a choice about a guitar, you could bribe a guitar buddy to come along and help you find a decent guitar.


You will need a webcam, but keep in mind that most computers now have them automatically installed. In case you don't have a camera installed in your computer, you'll need to buy one and I would suggest a webcam of high quality. This logitech webcam is worth considering. Of course, grab something that fits your budget, but I think it could only help you to give your guitar teacher a chance to see you in high resolution.

Skype/Facetime account

The teachers that you try out will likely be flexible enough to help you using whatever service you'd like to use for video chats. Or, you could just ask the teacher what he or she prefers to use. Either way, most services are easy to set up, and chances are that the teacher can help you with that too.

Warning: You might miss the warmth of human interaction with Skype guitar lessons

Skype guitar lessons close the gap on presenting you with customized information without closing the gap on physical distance. One warning however: you will miss out on the simple warmth of having a human being in the same room as you, energizing you and inspiring you to get better.

There's something to be said for being around the right people. At the same time, there's something detached about the delivery of good information over a video chat, and perhaps you'd prefer that. Either way, make sure to keep this in your calculations as you choose the best way for you to learn guitar.

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Learning guitar online: Is it doable?

Learning guitar online: Is it doable?