Less is More When You're Learning Guitar

Less is more when you're learning guitar

One of my favorite maxims is less is more. At heart, I'm a minimalist who loves to let go of things that get in the way of learning guitar. I love the idea of simplifying ideas, concepts, and techniques. When it comes to doing research on the guitar, or finding information on a certain topic, I also take the less-is-more approach. I tend to research specific topics in small numbers at one time, and basically master the information that I have consumed. I recommend the same for you, especially if you are a beginner.

Many beginners find much more information than they bargained for when they search online. It can easily overload their sensibilities, especially if they didn't have a clear idea of what to search for in the first place. A simple search for learning how to play guitar online often leads beginners in circles and drowns them in information. The less-is-more attitude can be a super help to you if you're in this situation. Slowing down and spending a little less time consuming information might be tough if you're an information addict, but it's well-worth the effort.

If anything, please be aware that the amount of information on guitar is massive. Please understand that many beginners get lost and drown in this ocean. If this describes what you are currently going through, take heart in knowing that you aren't alone. A less is more attitude might encourage you to slow down and perhaps enjoy your new hobby. There's nothing wrong with taking your time.