Learn how to sing beautiful lullabies to your baby

Recently, a very close friend of mine had her first baby. Her new daughter is a cutie! Like many first-time new parents, my friend didn't have a lot of time. Between changing diapers and loving her baby, she was super busy. She told me that she was overwhelmed with the excitement of having this baby around, which also meant she had far less time to devote to things she wanted to do. This was okay because caring for her daughter gave her so much pleasure.

My friend wanted to learn to play guitar for years. When I approached her to see if she wanted to learn guitar and sing lullabies for her baby, she got super excited! Not 30 seconds later, she got super worried that it would be too hard. Since I've been a guitar teacher for more than a decade, it seemed like a wonderful challenge to help her learn lullabies without any extra stress. What happened was magical!

The first lullaby my friend learned was Brother John, otherwise known as Frere Jacques. I taught her how to tune her guitar in five minutes, how to play her first chord in another five minutes, and then after I demonstrated the song for her she jumped right in and sang for her baby immediately, right on the spot. You should have seen the smile on this baby! She was sooooo happy! My friend was surprised that she could learn a simple lullaby with just one chord. Not only that, but I showed her three more lullabies that required just one extra chord. Within an hour, she could play and sing four lullabies.

I told my friend I was thinking of making an online course for how to learn lullabies and she said it was a great idea. She was also very clear about what I needed to do:

"Dave, you need to make sure that you make it easy for people to learn. First-time parents need a win. They want to do things right for their babies, but lack the experience to do it well. If you can make learning lullabies easy, you'll do great."

That sort of feedback was priceless. I know it's easy to learn anything if you have the right method, so I put a lot of effort into making this really easy to learn.

Learning to sing lullabies should be the easiest and most natural thing for parents to do, and it shouldn't take very much time to learn to do it. Therefore, here's my promise to you: This course will show you how to sing lullabies to your baby without it taking any extra time or energy on your part. In fact, you can learn all of these lullabies when your baby is sleeping!

My friend now sings for her baby on a daily basis. She does it with her own voice, her own guitar, and her own love for her baby.

This course can show you how, too.