How to Find a Guitar Teacher: Beautiful Spaces

Find a guitar teacher who teaches in a beautiful space

If you aren't inspired by your surroundings in guitar lessons, how will you feel inspired to learn guitar? If you aren't energized by the space you are learning in, how will you feel energized after the lesson is over?

I've always known that I couldn't teach in an uninspiring space. I turned off the florescent lights, I put up decorations I found interesting, and put all my music and guitar books in there too. I painted the walls a deep shade of blue. I bought comfy chairs. I knew that if I felt at home in my office, then perhaps people who took guitar lessons with me would feel comfortable there, too.

If you are looking for a guitar teacher, an excellent thing you can do is find an interesting environment to learn in. After all, it's a place that you will go to week-after-week to learn guitar. It has to fit your needs. The rest of this post will go over two very simple things to look for in a guitar teacher's space in the attempt to find the ideal space for you to learn in.

Is it noisy? 

Noise can make or break a learning experience. Some of us need noise to learn guitar. If you like the hustle and bustle of people coming and going, learning, playing music, and if you feel at home right in the middle of a big music school with tons of sensory input, then choosing a guitar teacher who has a quiet office will drive you crazy.

Similarly, some of us need quiet to learn. Some of us are rendered unfocused by distractions. You might feel totally slogged and slapped in the face by a noisy environment! If this true for you, do not go to a guitar school where there are tons of different people learning guitar. Find a solo-operator, instead.

Is it trashy?

If the look of a room is trashy, has bad smells emanating from a corner or two, has beer cans, paraphanalea of any sort, my suggestion is simple: Run. I don't care how much fun you'll think you'll have, it won't be cool in the long run.

A person's living and working space is telling, to me at least, of their personality and ability to help other people. If a place feels trashy, it tells me that the person's style of teaching is trashy. If it were me, I wouldn't want to go through the hassle of finding a decent teacher only to find out that he doesn't care! Would you?