How to Find a Guitar Teacher: Location, Location, Location

Find a guitar teacher close to you. Simple. That's it.

If you decide that face-to-face lessons are for you, then my suggestion is to find a guitar teacher that is less than a twenty minute drive away from you. Honestly, a five minute drive would be ideal, but twenty minutes is a maximum amount. Why?

Jonathan Haidt, author of the book The Happiness Hypothesis: Finding Modern Truth in Ancient Wisdom, makes a compelling argument that our happiness depends upon the amount of ambient noise we have to endure as well as the length of commute we undertake in our work lives and extra-curricular activities. The longer your length of commute, the longer you'll be exposed to a more random, uncontrolled environment. In other words, the more you have to drive, the higher the chance of you being in a crash of some sort. The less you drive, the more motivated you'll be to get to that guitar lesson, week after week.

What if you can't find a teacher close to you? Simple: consider doing Skype guitar lessons. This takes all the hustle and bustle out of the commute, and you don't even have to let the guitar teacher know that you dislike wearing pants on video chats.