How Much Will A Good Starter Guitar Cost?


A good starter guitar will cost you $200-$300 bucks

The starter guitars that cost $200-$300 are the best for beginners. What about lower than $200? What's wrong with finding a cheap guitar? Nothing, if you can spot one.

There are guitars that are less than $200 that might be worth buying. To get a good guitar for under $200 takes a bit of talent. If you are completely green to buying guitars, my suggestion is to stay away from bargain hunting for now.

You can pay more for better craftsmanship

If you pay more than $300, you're paying for better craftsmanship. Fortunately, there are levels of craftsmanship based on price. Bear with me.

Each of the price ranges below often, but not always, corresponds to a higher level of craftsmanship. What this implies that there are guitars that could cost $201 that play like a $300 guitar. Ditto with paying $801 for a guitar that plays like $1500 guitar.

These are the (rough) levels of craftsmanship:

  1. $0 to $200 
  2. $200 to $300
  3. $300 to $500
  4. $500 to $800
  5. $800 to $1500
  6. $1500 to $2200
  7. $2200 to $3000
  8. $3000 and up

These levels of craftsmanship are completely subjective and is based on my own casual observation, but it is my opinion that you can either pay out the wazoo, or you can just choose a level of craftsmanship and try to pay as little as possible. 

Keep in mind that this is very rough way of categorizing guitars and their craftsmanship. You'll find rare gems in lower price ranges if you look hard enough. The bragging rights will be off the chain.