New Series: Finding Your First Guitar Teacher

Finding your first guitar teacher

Among the biggest decisions a beginner to guitar can make is whether or not to find a guitar teacher. To this end, I've planned out a series about figuring out whether or not you need a teacher at all, and how to find an awesome guitar teacher if you're searching for one. 

What topics will be covered?

  • When to find a guitar teacher
  • What to look for in potential guitar teachers
  • What to look for in possible learning environments
  • Auditioning potential guitar teachers
  • How much is reasonable to pay for guitar lessons
  • Signs that a potential guitar teacher is an absolute turd
  • Signs that a potential teacher is an amazing find

Finding a live, in-the-flesh guitar teacher can save you oodles of time because it nullifies most of the missing, contradictory, and often poorly presented information freely available to you in online guitar lessons. A knowledgeable teacher also makes learning guitar really fun. 

If you're frustrated with learning online, but want some hints on how to find an incredible guitar teacher in your area, this series will help you make the wisest decision.