Face-To-Face Guitar Lessons: Are They Worth the Money?

Face-To-Face Guitar Lessons: Are They Worth the Money?

Face-to-face guitar lessons are for everyone

For those of us who crave interaction and a little bit of pressure to learn, face-to-face guitar lessons are just the ticket. If you tend to learn best by throwing yourself into a situation, you'll work well with a guitar teacher (especially if you are willing to audition teachers before you get started).

If you need a lower pressure situation and less stimulation socially, like myself, you can still have an awesome experience in face-to-face guitar lessons. Like all humans, we crave interaction. But, I know the truth about introverts: we won't sacrifice quality. This ethos can be applied to finding a guitar teacher: My suggestion is to audition three guitar teachers, be picky, and choose the best one for your purposes. 

Regardless of how you find a teacher, face-to-face guitar lessons are totally worth the time.  

Face-to-face lessons are more customizable

The beauty of face-to-face guitar lessons is that the teacher can react to your needs in real-time. This one feature makes guitar lessons one of the most customizable of the ways to learn guitar (among learning guitar online, video chat, or doing a guitar class). This ability to customize, however, comes with a steeper price tag. If you're committed to learning guitar, it'll be worth the money you spend.

If you are committed to finding the best face-to-face lessons, chances are good that you'll find a teacher who can react to your needs quickly and effectively. Though it is not always the case, I think that the more you pay for a teacher, the better that teacher is going to be at reacting and interacting with you. The teachers who actively try to do this tend to have higher retention rates because people really like working with them. It's fun to work with a good teacher, too. I've had more than a couple, myself. 

Face-to-face lessons can be a total party 

What I love to do in my lessons is to make them a total party for the student. I like irreverent jokes, throwing down some odd and weird uses of the english language, hearing how a student is doing with learning guitar, and I love playing music with students when they are ready to play songs. It's fun for me, and I'll make it party for them.

Perhaps this is my own bias, but why on earth would you want to take guitar lessons with a teacher who doesn't make them fun for you? It boggles me when students make their guitar lessons into something like a burden that they must bear. That's such a waste of time and energy. If guitar lessons are a burden to you, I humbly recommend that you consider quitting your current teacher altogether and finding a better one.

Face-to-face lessons can be inspiring

Face-to-face guitar lessons can also inspire you to have massive, insane amounts of fun on guitar. Your teacher can help you learn something on the guitar that you didn't think you could do. Isn't that why you want to learn guitar at all? To learn it, play it, to enjoy it? Besides, a good teacher is not just interested helping you get better. He or she is a friend who also enjoys playing music with you. Part of the learning process in guitar is being delighted with surprises, and perhaps playing music with our teachers is one of the most surprising. With the right teacher, you could become inspired to make guitar into an even bigger part of your life. It's happened before.

A teacher who is worth his or her salt can bring out a hidden ability in you for playing guitar. These are the teachers who make guitar lessons totally worth it. My suggestion? If you put in the effort to find them, you'll be smugly rewarded with an incredible learning experience.

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