Are you too old to learn guitar?

Do you think you’re too old to learn guitar?

Okay, it’s time for you to hear a brutal truth: If you think you’re too old to learn guitar, don’t start.

There. I said it. 

Life is precious. The time you have left is invaluable. There are so many ways that you can spend your time and your energy. There's no point doing anything that will get in the way of you living your life, especially if you think it'll be a hassle. If you think you're too old to learn guitar, stop right now. Don't read further. Turn off the computer, and do something that you really want to do. Your life is too important to waste.

If my advice rubs you the wrong way, like if you feel that the guitar is tugging at your heartstrings and you still want to learn, then it's not too late to start. Learning and playing guitar can be a wonderful celebration of life for you. It can be an expression of the precious time that you have left. Why not learn how to do it? Why not have some fun with it?

You might still be wondering if learning guitar can only be done by young people. True, young people learn guitar, play music, play in a band, and write songs all the time. Are these experiences limited to them? Definitely not.

Are you too old to learn guitar? No. Can you learn guitar if you're no longer a spring chicken? Yes. Absolutely. It's not just something that youth can do, and I'll prove it to you, too.

Progress is not the exclusive domain of youth

I have found that in my personal teaching practice, adults bring the experiences of living to their learning of guitar and do stronger work than most youths do. They tend to be more studious because they know that if they don't practice they won't get anywhere. They are more disciplined probably because they have jobs, mortgages, and kids of their own to take care of. They are more responsible and patient because they want to see themselves get better and they know it takes time.

Adults have been to school before and experienced the gamut of successes and failures. They have failed before and have picked themselves up, over and over again. They are far wiser for all their experiences. Adults, most importantly, know what they need and are far less afraid to ask for it. It's almost embarassing to compare a far wiser adult to a confused youth, a youth who is completely unaware of what he or she wants! You have the advantage.

If you're still worried that you're too old to learn the guitar, take heart: I bet you'll never take learning for granted. I bet that you'll appreciate and enjoy learning guitar far more than most youths would.

In my opinion, a youth can't compete with an experienced, studious, patient, and disciplined adult when it comes to learning guitar. Adults have an unfair advantage. The odds are stacked in your favor. Progress is not the exclusive domain of youth, so get cracking!