"Playing Funky Rhythm Guitar," by Chris Hunt | Book Review


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As far as today's video is concerned, I'm going to be going over the "Playing Funky Rhythm Guitar" book by Chris Hunt.  This is actually a really, really cool book and I like this a lot.  It’s got a lot of really clear examples about how to play funk guitar.

Let's see here, there are a couple of highlights in here that I wanted to kind of point out first that I think are really reasonable, but in any event, here's just like one example of the book.

[plays guitar]

That's pretty funky.  He goes through a lot of these sorts of things and helps you with building sixteenth note patterns just like the Ross Bolton book that I reviewed not too long ago. 

And there's also some really, really, really sweet R&B stuff going on in this book that I think is well worth your time to go over.  Here's another personal favorite of mine --

[plays guitar]

I'm just hot-dogging there, and there's also a lot of stuff in this book about palm muting examples that are common in R&B music like this one. This is a really great example.

[plays guitar]

So, I'd say all and all as far as like a funk rhythm guitar book is concerned, I would recommend this book probably more for intermediates; people who have already got a little bit of experience with funk guitar as opposed to the Ross Bolton book, which is more of like a step by step, this is how you do rhythm guitar, kind of book, mostly because it's a little bit -- You have to know kind of what you're doing with rhythms and what not.  I mean, it's not as clearly spelled out as the Ross Bolton book, but I don't want to denigrate this book too much because it is an excellent, excellent book and well worth your time if you're seriously interested in studying funk rhythm guitar.

So, yeah, Playing Funky Rhythm Guitar -- I totally would recommend this book if you're an intermediate funk guitarist and you want to just take it a little bit further.  Excellent, excellent book.

So, I guess that's all I've got for this book review.  I hope that you like this review in the first place, and, of course, I hope you subscribe to the channel.  I’ll be doing a bunch of these sorts of book reviews in the near and far future and what not.

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