Ultimate Guitar iPhone App Review

Ultimate Guitar iPhone App Review


Hey guys, welcome to the YouTube channel of the School of Feedback Guitar. If you dig app review videos, I would highly recommend subscribing to the channel. I do a bunch of app review videos for apps that are specifically made for making guitar easier to learn.

The app that I'm going to be reviewing today is the free version of the Ultimate Guitar App. Now, this is the App that is specifically for iPhone and you know what, I have to say this is a pretty darned cool app though I'm not a big fan of Ultimate Guitar. The reason why I think it is a really cool kind of app is because you can just search through just whatever you want, be like "I want to learn Time in a Bottle" and look at that, Time in a Bottle, 17 tabs. Let's pick the tab that has the most likes to it and boom, look at that, we have Time in a Bottle, how you play it, and everything and you could do this similarly with chords as well. So if I wanted to learn the chords for Hey, what can I do by Led Zeppelin, look, you got chords right up there. We'll go to the highest rated version and boom there we are. And now if you notice, it actually include the chords at the very bottom which is really cool. So that's basically what you can do with the Ultimate Guitar free version.

The more intense version has more stuff with it but honestly I am a big fan of apps that just do one thing and one thing really well and I honestly wouldn't get anything else beyond it. I mean yeah, you can get some tools like a metronome, a tuner, all these are the things, right? But you can get better things. I did a review of the GuitarTuna as well as the Pro Metronome and those are better than these sorts of things are usually.

But in as far as like getting basic tabs and chord sheets of your favorite songs, this app is unbeatable and the iPhone version is free. You can get all the tabs that they have on their website for free. I don't know how long that's going to last by the way. So you never know with Ultimate Guitar how they're going to do it. So if you're an advanced guitarist, I wouldn't recommend it. If you're a beginner, I would totally recommend it. I think it's really, really great. You can just find tons and tons and tons of tabs.

So yeah, download the free version. Don't worry about the upgrades. You could do the upgrades later on once you have a better sense of what the app can offer you. So yeah, in any event overall, I would say get it.

That is it for this video. Please again feel free to subscribe to the channel. I'm going to be doing a ton of these sorts of reviews in the near and far future and it would be awesome if you are around to check them out, plus if they're helpful to you. That's really what this is all about. That would be really great to hear. Also, if this is really helpful for you, please leave me a comment. It would be super awesome to hear from you.

In any event, I hope you have a great rest of your day and bye for now.

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