Tuner Eclipse App Review


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The app that I am reviewing today is the Tuner Eclipse. I just love that name, 'Tuner Eclipse'. It's basically a guitar tuner and chromatic tuner. This is a really, really slick app and I wanted to make sure that you knew about it because it's really, really cool.

So if you're a beginner, this app is awesome because it allows you to choose the string that you want to tune. This note right here is the note that's on low E string, the thickest one and that's closest to the ceiling (in most cases). And you have the high E string which is the string that's closest to the floor. So what you have to do is you have to pick each string individually and tune it up. In order to tune it, you have to get this orange ball that you see kind of bouncing around. You have to get that orange ball right in the center.

And I'm going to do it for you. I'm going to tune up a really out of tune guitar and I'll show you how it gets done.



Let's go to the A string




Okay. So this is a really super slick app. I like it a lot. I love apps that are minimally designed and they're very unobtrusive. You just use them and you get it done and for that this app totally, totally gets some kudos. Unfortunately, the one thing that I would love to see in this app is if like, let's say you get this ball Iike right in the middle you got a string in tune. I would love to have a little bit more feedback than just like the ball being right in the center. Oh, yeah my strings in tune, like a sound or something. Like if it is, you know --


Boom. You're in tune. Something like that. That will be so cool. But regardless, this app is solid and I would totally recommend it for any and all beginners out there especially people who are design-conscious people. A lot of guitar apps unfortunately don't really lend themselves well to design and aren't totally pleasing to look at but this one, Tuner Eclipse is a complete opposite. It is functional, it is beautiful to look at, and you can tune your guitar up in less than thirty seconds. Overall, totally would recommend it.

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