ProMetronome App Review


Hey guys, welcome to the YouTube channel of the School of Feedback Guitar. This video is an app review of ProMetronome, a really, really wonderful metronome app. If you like this video, I would highly highly recommend subscribing to this channel because I will be doing a ton of app reviews of apps that are specifically made for guitar and help you learn guitar.
ProMetronome is one of these apps that is just fantastic. I love this app. I think it's really great and I use it in my lessons and for my own practice all the time on multiple instruments. You know it's very very very easy to use as well. So let's just talk about like the very basic functionalities of this app and how you can use it and everything. Now if you’re a beginner like chances are a metronome app won’t be totally 100% useful for you. But if you're more of an intermediate guitarist or more advanced, you probably are pretty familiar with metronomes by this point. And the basic functions are simple. If you go lower, you're just going to do that. Just make the dial go up and down. There's not really a whole lot of mystery to it. And playing it is also not that much of a mystery.

Now you can do a couple of other things. You can change the time signature here like if I wanted to make a 6/8 beat. It's really easy to do that. But I'm not going to really worry about that right now. And if I want to tap the tempo of a specific song or something, I would get a tempo in line by [metronome sound] let’s say that's the tempo, which I think is a pretty neat thing. You don't have to kind of fish around and try to sync up a metronome with a song or some sort. Now you can of course change the sounds of the metronome so that it can be a little bit louder [metronome sound]. It's pretty simple to do that.

And there's of course like there's some more advanced functions with this metronome that I think are just fantastic especially if you're an intermediate or advanced guitarist. Now check this out. The rhythm trainer is totally great. Check this thing out. Let's say okay for every two bars, it's going to mute one bar. This forces you to be on your toes with your rhythm and your time. And I think it's like a fantastic thing for like more intermediate and advanced guitarists.

Now one of those things that I absolutely adore about this app is the automation part of it. Now if you see this button at the very bottom here, okay so basically you'll put in a start tempo which I put in at 180 and you put in an ending tempo which I put in 20. And every one bar I asked it to just decrease by two beats per minute. It's pretty simple, right? And this is a pro feature. You do have to pay for this part of it but it's well worth it. Okay so like basically it’s just going to automate down from 180 beats per minute to 20. [Metronome sound] Notice how this is going downwards. It's really really really cool. Now I know this function is not necessarily unique to this application but I do love how easy it is to program it into this application. And I think the UI is fantastic. I highly recommended this especially if you're looking for a metronome.
So in any event like if there's anything like I could say about this app… I don’t think there's really anything I can say about this app that I don’t like. I can’t really think of anything. It’s exactly what I would have wanted in college when I was studying and learning to play guitar. It would have been so helpful then. So yeah, overall totally would recommend it if you need a metronome.

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